The One-Time Plus Recurring feature on Invoice Crowd enables users to seamlessly integrate both one-time and recurring payments into a single invoice. This guide outlines the steps to utilize this functionality to its full extent, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in managing payments.


Unified Invoice Creation:

Begin by generating a new invoice.
Add all the necessary items—both one-time charges and items intended for recurring billing.

Enabling Recurring Feature for Items:

Within the invoice creation interface, locate the Options tab.
Use the Recurring items option to designate which items on the invoice will recur.

Activating Recurring Item Symbol:

An 'R' symbol appears next to each item on the invoice.
Activate the recurring function by clicking the 'R' symbol, which is grayed out by default.

Configuring Recurring Settings:

Upon clicking the 'R' symbol, a pop-up dialog box will appear.
Configure the recurring parameters for each item as needed in this dialog box.

Indicating Active Recurring Settings:

After setting the recurring options for an item and saving these settings, the 'R' symbol will change to green to indicate activation.

Finalizing and Issuing the Invoice:

After configuring all items and their recurring settings, proceed to finalize and issue the invoice to the customer.

Recurring Profile Generation:

Once the invoice is paid, the system generates recurring profiles based on the recurring settings of each item.
These profiles are indicated with an 'I' symbol for quick reference.

Managing Recurring Profile Status:

For items set with a 'Manual' charge type, the generated profile will have the status toggle set to 'On', indicating that the invoice will be generated automatically and sent over to your customer, but your customer will need to make the payment manually.

For items with an 'Automatic' charge type, a profile is created with the status toggle set to 'Off'. This toggle will be activated in the subsequent billing cycle, after the customer has manually completed the first recurring payment. Thereafter, payments for these profiles will be processed automatically.